How to identify if a dragon fruit is bad? 5 Symptoms you should know


As a fruit lover, you won’t want to have a rotten dragon fruit. But the question is how do you identify the rotten dragon fruit? Let’s explore how to identify if a dragon fruit is bad.

How long does a dragon fruit lasts?

Generally a dragon fruit takes 27-33 days to get ripen after blooming from the plant. If you don’t keep it in the refrigerator, it will last for 2-3 weeks or more. Then it will start slowly get spoiled. If you pick the dragon fruit unripen from the tree and store it in the fridge then the ripening process of the dragon fruit will slow down and you can last it long. After the inner shelf of dragon fruit makes contact with the air, it won’t last long more than 2-3 days if you don’t store it in the airtight container.  

How to identify if a dragon fruit is bad?

It is very important to know the signs of spoilage to ensure that your dragon fruit is no longer healthier to eat. Here are the signs by which you can identify your dragon fruit has gone bad.


Usually the dragon fruit is dark red in color, some types of this are pink or yellow. If you see that your dragon fruit has turned or slowly turning into brown, having some dark spots, patches or wrinkles in its skin, then you can declare that the dragon fruit is getting bruised or slowly starting to go bad.

After the outlook, examine how it feels. A fresh dragon fruit will feel firm and smoother. If you feel squishy, soft or bumpy, then the fruit might not be fresh. This touch and visual inspection will help you to ensure if the dragon fruit is fresh or not.


After touching the dragon fruit, you have to look after the outer texture of the dragon fruit. After taking the dragon, gently press the fruit. The fresh dragon fruit will yield slightly maintaining the whole firmness in it. But if it feels over soft or mushy, then it might be the sign of over ripe or not good anymore. Also keep an eye on its shape. The fresh dragon fruit will maintain its right shape. But if it feels over sliminess or excessive dryness then the fruit may not been juicy anymore.

3.Inner flesh

Cutting the dragon fruit will reveal its inner shelf. The inner body of a fresh dragon fruit is bright red or white depending on its variety with small seeds distributed. But the inner body looks black or grey, then its no longer good for the consumption.

4.The odor test

All fresh fruits have its own aroma. Unlike other fruits, dragon fruit is no out of common. It also has its own aroma when its perfectly in its prime phase. After the texture and appearance test you can take it closer to you and sniff on it. The fresh dragon fruit will smell subtle and sweet which will lead you forward to have a bite on it. But if your nose detects some foul or strange odor from the dragon fruit, then confirm it that the dragon fruit is affected by any bacteria or fungus which has destroyed the sweet aroma of it. So, trust your nose and enjoy a fresh delicious dragon fruit with your loved ones.

5.Taste test

When you will see everything is okay from the outlook, but you are still in doubt if your dragon fruit is good or bad. Then you can trust your taste buds. Human taste buds are the ultimate indicators to declare if a food or fruit is actually good or bad. Fresh dragon fruit has a mildly sweet flavor and also its juicy. Unless you have issues with your taste buds, you will find out your dragon fruit is good or bad by just tasting it a bit. Any kind of sourness, bitterness or off taste could be a sign of bad dragon fruit.


The healthy dragon fruit contains black and crunchy seeds in it. Also, the seeds don’t seem denser. When you have bite in it, the seeds give you a satisfying crunch in your mouth which confirms the fruit healthier, and delicious and a good shape. But after unveiling the inner flesh by cutting it, if you notice that the seeds inside are much denser than usual, not black but discolored then it is sign that the fruit has gone bad.

Reasons of spoilage in dragon fruit

Getting spoiled after a certain period of time is not a bad thing. All fruits get spoiled after a certain period of time. Unlike that, dragon fruit is no exception. Dragon fruit may get spoiled due to a number of factors. Its necessary to learn the factors to prevent the dragon fruits from getting spoiled before its right time. Here are some common factors that works for spoiling the delicious dragon fruit:

  • Microbial growth: After the harvest, if the dragon fruit is kept in warm or contaminated surfaces, it can be affected by bacteria and fungi which ruin the texture and smoother surface of dragon fruit.
  • Enzymatic browning: When the dragon fruit comes to contact with the air and stays in contact with it for a long time, then the flesh slowly starts turning into brown color. It occursfor enzymatic browning feature of the dragon fruit.
  • Physical damage: If the dragon fruit is dropped on the ground carelessly and get scratched in its surface then it becomes the entry point for the bacteria and fungi to attack the dragon fruit. Then they do the rest of the damages.

What will happen if you eat rotten dragon fruit?

Just like other fruits and vegetables, if you eat spoiled food, you have a maximum chance to have a food poisoning. You might experience some symptoms such as

  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Body aches and pains
  • Headache and stomach ache. etc.

So to stay you must have healthy fruits. But a question can come to your mind that how will I identify that my dragon fruit has turned bad? We will now show how you can identify your favorite dragon fruit has turned bad

How to store a fresh dragon fruit?

As now we all are aware of the factors, how dragon fruit gets spoiled and bruised along with the symptoms of a bad dragon fruit. Now we should learn how to store it and keep it healthy more than expected.

  • Temperature: Keeping the dragon fruit in cool places slow down the ripening process and helps to store it more than usual. So, you can store it into 10 to 15 degrees Celsius cool places. But must avoid refrigeration, because it not slows down the ripening process of dragon fruit but also reduce the texture and taste of it.
  • Moisture: Dragon fruit should be kept in dry places to hold its moisture. So, try to avoid keeping it in damp surface or wrapping it up with plastic which traps the right air circulation and lead the fruit to spoilage.
  • Gentle handling: Handle it gently to avoid bruising. Be careful so the fruit doesn’t fall from anywhere and get squashed. Also, while transporting or storing, handle it gently so it avoids the bruising. Moreover, keep it away from other fruits so the Ethelene gas can’t help it to ripe and spoil faster.

So, from next on, select the right dragon fruit following the steps above and enjoy the fruit with your loved ones.

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