How To Get To Havasu Falls Without Hiking? Know The Reality!

Everyone’s dream was to see a live waterfall on their hiking journey. Because it not only looks so glamorous but also it will help to reduce your stress.

There are lots of new hikers are want to know how to get to havasu falls without hiking. Does it is possible and it is essential to carry the safety gear while hiking or not.

Well, I know these are the most common questions but it is very important for new hikers. In fact, when I started hiking I also suffered from these questions.

Because of your problems in this article, I will discuss with you the answer to how to get to havasu falls without hiking.

Are you ready to explore the topic?

Let’s get started.

How To Get To Havasu Falls Without Hiking

According to my experience, I would recommend that, if you want to get to Havasu Falls without hiking then go at least 10 miles hike down from the falls.

You can also follow the below steps.

First of all, find the Horseshoe Bend parking lot. After finding it simply visit this place. I would recommend you carry essential items such as a water bottle, cap, some snacks, etc.

Do you know this place is the starting point of every Havasu fall destination?

In that place, I would recommend you wait for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Always keep in mind that, you will not see Havasu all the time. Because it falls in a specific time period.

How Long Does The Havasu Falls?

There are no exact answers to this question. Because Havasu falls at different distances considering where it is located.

On the other hand, I would strongly recommend you do a little bit of research about that place and also ask nearby people about that place because they will provide you with exact answers related to your questions.

Does Hiking Will Safe?

Well, from my perspective I have experience with hiking for more than 6 years, and from my experience, I would say that hiking is not an easy job and not a hard job as you think. It totally depends on your mindset. Because if you set your goal to go hiking then it will feel very easy for you.

But keep in mind that, you would love to go hiking. If you started hiking by seeing other people then it makes you more difficult as you think about it. Because hiking is not an easy job it requires lots of patience and hard work.

Who Will Do Hiking?

I think it’s not a complicated question. As I already mentioned in my previous articles, hiking is a fun outdoor activity and it contains lots of fun and will provide you best adventure experience.

If I answered your question that, who will go hiking then, it does not have any exact answer. Because hiking is suitable for both males and females and both adults and children.

I hope you will get your answer about how to get to havasu falls without hiking.

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Is it safe to carry a smartphone with you while going hiking?

Answer- Yes, it is 100% safe to carry a smartphone with you I also recommend you carry the smartphone with you while going hiking. In fact, I also carry a smartphone while I am going hiking. It will help to find your locations.

Which foods you can carry while going hiking?

Answer- I would recommend you carry some lightweight low-fat foods that will provide you energy while hiking. For more details, you can check out this article. In this article, we will discuss with you every detail about it.


If you are suffering from depression issue then I would strongly recommend you go hiking. Hiking will help you to recover from this problem and keep you mentally strong.

Through this article, I will share with you the answer to how to get to havasu falls without hikingIf you have any queries related to this article then you can ask us in our comment section.

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