How Much Time Do You Spend Outdoors Every Week?

If you are confused and finding your answer, how much time do you spend outdoors every week? Then, this article helps to find your exact answer.

There are lots of advantages you will get if you spend time in nature. Nature’s healthy environment, fresh air, bird sounds, and sunlight will keep your mood fresh and keep you healthy.

We have also written an article about how much time you should spend outdoors and what you will get if you spend your time outdoors.

In this article, I will share with you how much minimum time you will spend outdoors to get maximum benefit for your health.

Let’s dive into the article.

How Much Time Do You Spend Outdoors Every Week

How Much Time Do You Spend Outdoors Every Week

Well, it depends on how much free time you have to spend outdoors. According to our research and our nine years of travel experience, I suggest you spend 175 minutes indoors and a maximum of 25 minutes in a day.

But I don’t recommend you to spend 175 minutes outdoors all season. Because in the summer season, you need to protect yourself from the sun. In the summer season, I suggest you spend 15 minutes in a day and 105 minutes in every week.

But always keep in mind that in the summer season, always spend time outdoors in the morning times because that time is best for spending time outdoors.

It is not mandatory to spend 175 minutes. If you have proper time, then you can spend more than 175 minutes. It totally depends on you as to how much time you will spend.

But the required minimum time is 175 minutes every week. It helps to keep your body hygienic and reduce your stress level.

How Much Time Should I Spend Outside Each Day?

How Much Time Do You Spend Outdoors Every Week

You can spend a minimum of 25 minutes outdoors each day. If you are children, then you must spend a minimum of more than 1 hour’s time outdoors. Because It is very essential for your children’s for their body growth.

In adult’s case, they don’t have sufficient time to spend 1 to 2 hours time in outdoors. But for children, I will highly recommend you spend much more than one hour time in nature.

Children under 15 are developing age, so they will need the proper amount of nutrition so that their bodies will grow properly.

Benefits Of Sitting Outside At Night

There are lots of benefits you will get if you are sitting at night time. Below, we share with you some of the best benefits you will get.

  1. It will help to reduce your stress level.
  2. It will give you the chance for your body to breathe fresh oxygen, which is very helpful for your body.
  3. It will help to boost the digestion power of your body.
  4. It will reduce your blood pressure.
  5. It will help to maintain your stress.
  6. Increase the serotonin level of your body.
  7. Increase your blood circulation.
  8. It will help to boost your immunity power
  9. It will help to improve your sleep
  10. It will make your mood fresh when you get up.

Why Is Going Outside Important

Most people are thinking about why it is essential for human beings to go outside. Well, research has proven that if you go outside or spend time with nature, then it will help to improve body development and provide you with fresh breathing air.

Also, it is very helpful for those people who are always suffering from mental issues and always get depressed. Outdoor nature environment will help you to keep your fresh and active.

Because of this reason, lots of doctors and researchers suggest all human beings spend time in nature.


Basically, every process has its own benefits and drawbacks, too. Don’t spend too much time outdoors, and don’t spend very little time outdoors. Always try to balance your activity with nature.

I hope you will get your answer about how much time do you spend outdoors every week. I will highly recommend you to spend time outdoors because it is very helpful for your body.

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