8 natural and effective ways to get rid of hover flies

In spite of being very beneficial, sometimes it becomes such a nuisance that it becomes necessary to know how to get to rid of hoverflies. Today we will discuss about some natural and effective ways to get rid of hover flies.

What are hover flies?

Hoverflies are naturally a type of insects similar to wasps and bees. They play an important figure in the garden and crop field as they are valuable pollinators and natural pest controllers. They don’t sting like wasp and bee, so you can declare it is a harmless insect. But sometimes their presence indoors or buzzing in large number becomes a nuisance and annoying.

8 effective ways to get rid of hoverflies

What are hoverflies attracted to?

Hoverflies when adults are mostly attracted to flowers as nectar and pollen sources as they primarily feed on that. They are also devoted to the plants which is infested with aphids. Some flowers that mostly attract the hoverflies include Wild carrot, Queen Anne’s lace, wild mustard, sweet alyssum, coriander, dill and other small-flowered herbs.

Are hoverflies harmful for your garden?

Hoverflies are beneficial pollinators as they move from flowers to flowers and transfer pollen between plants and help to increase the yield of the garden. Moreover, they are grabby predators of aphids and other plant damaging pests.

So, if you see hoverflies buzzing around your garden, don’t be alarmed, they are doing their duty to help your plants prosper.

Why do Hoverflies come to your patio?

Most people are familiar with housefly but they don’t recognize their close family hoverfly. Hoverflies are very similar to wasps and bees by their appearance but they are harmless compared to its other varieties. Now why are they attracted to your gardens? Answer is very simple. Unlike other insects, they also come to your patio for food and shelter. They attract to the flowery gardens for food as they are fond of nectar and pollen. Also gardens provide a safe place for them to lay eggs, which hatch into larvae which helps to control the garden pests aphids. Their homecoming also benefits us as they are natural pollinators. So, they help in plant breeding through pollination between flowers.

Natural ways to get rid of hover flies.

In spite of being a garden friend, a large number of hoverflies is truly a bothersome. Their humming maybe a burden to you. So, you can take these natural ways to get rid of hover flies away from your garden.

1. Fly repellent

Rather using a chemical fly repellent and damage both the plants and the insects, you can make a homemade fly repellent by which you can keep the hover flies from your garden. Homemade fly repellent is one of the methods of natural pest control methods.

To make a homemade fly repellent, you need to take water and vinegar. Be sure it is apple cider vinegar. The citrusy smell of the vinegar will drove them away from your garden.

Mix the vinegar with two parts water and add some drops of essential oils such as lavender oil or eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. You can also use rosemary oil, basil oil to the mixture.

After mixing the solution, simply spray it with a sprayer around the perimeter of your garden.

2. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Organic diatomaceous earth (DE) is naturally used as natural insecticide Which both kills and controls the insects. It creates dehydration situation in the insects which leads them to their mortality. So, using diatomaceous earth can be one of the best options to eliminate the hover flies from your garden.  

Dust the DE around the flowers and plants where the hoverflies consume their nectar and lay their eggs. You have to use it at moderate rates or else it may effect your plants.

3. Take off the nectar filled plants.

As hover flies are fond of mostly nectar and pollen, then you can eliminate the flowers which are full of nectar and pollens. You can skip these flower plant in your garden. These are torch lily, bee balm, lavendar, salvia, catmint etc.

4. Citronella oil candle

Burning oil candle to repel the hover flies is an ancient method. Citronella candle smells a very beautiful odor which keeps the flies away. Now you can control the flies with the citronella candle but you can’t fully remove them from your yard. If you want to then you would have to light a lot of candles at a time.

5. Fly trap

If the natural remedies are not working, then it is high time you should buy a fly trap set it onto your garden. You can make these traps at home very easily. Take a fragrant piece of paper and cover it with glue over the paper. The paper will diffuse the fragrant of it everywhere which will attract the hover flies. The fragrant which flies are very fond of. The flies come to the paper following the fragrant, and land on the paper. As they land on the paper, the glue traps them. Thus, you can remove them by setting up a trap.

6. Wait them for to die

The hover flies usually don’t live long more than one month. If you are aware that the hover flies are not laying eggs in your garden, then you have to just wait till they die on their own.

7. Discourage the hover flies

It may hurt you but unfortunately it can be more effective in your garden to keep the hover flies away. Hover flies are naturally fond of nectar and pollens. The plants and flowers which contains high pollen and nectar are more beautiful and look attractive. Whereas low pollen plants and flowers don’t look that much beautiful yet it is more effective to keep your gardens free from hover flies. You can use wind pollinated flowers also beetles pollinated flowers such as rose, barley, rice, tulips. Using these flowers and plants will discourage the hover flies to come to you garden.

8. Use the insecticide

Don’t go for the insecticide until you are using natural and homemade methods. Insecticides contains many chemical elements which are not good for plants and soil fertility. But if the natural and homemade methods don’t go right, then you can use the insecticide which will repel the insects from your garden. But use it by taking the advice from the pest controllers.

After following the methods mentioned above do not work in your garden, then you should contact with the pest controllers or the garden advisor who can give you instructions to keep your garden free from hover flies. Happy gardening!

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