Worried with the ants? 7 natural & effective ways to get rid of ants

Normally ants don’t live or walk around your materials but if you mistakenly drop some sweet flavored food then you are attracting the little ants which annoys you the most. Today we will  discuss about 7 natural and effective ways to get rid of ants.

Things that attracts ant

Ants are the most common pests which can live almost everywhere and can eat almost anything. Though they are tiny in size but they move in large number of group orderly which is such a drag. So, to get rid of the ants, you must learn which things are attracting the ants.

Here are the top three things that attract the ants most.

7 Natural and effective ways to get rid of ants.

Food source

If you have detected some ants, be sure that there are many of them.Because, ants live in colony. If you ever find an anthill then you will find out that the colony of the ants are far more developed than humans. As they live in colony, so their male group hunt for food. If they find a food source somewhere, they release pheromone which attracts the other ants to the source point. So find out the food source point.

Water source

Just like all the animals and human, ants are no different from the need of water. We all know that water is one of the most important thing to live for all living beings. So just like all the creatures, ants also need water to live and thrive. They do not only drink water to live but also they bring it back to their colony where it is stored for later use. Leaky pipes, potted plants, bathroom condensation, and pet water bowls can all attract ants for water.

Shelter point

Ants work hard for three things, food, water and shelter. As they are so small, they can find their shelter almost anywhere. Mostly they create their shelter on a warm place. Also they find some expanding place to relocate or retrieve the colony. So if you found some ants in your home or your lawn then be sure that they have a colony in your house or in your garden or lawn. They build their colony after finding an entrance. So, if the ants find an entrance like cracks or crevices, they surely going to locate their way in.  

Prevent ants from invading your home

There is a saying “Prevention is better than cure.” If you want your home safe from ant invasion, then you must take some prevention steps to keep the ants away. Follow the steps below to maintain to keep the ants away.

  • Store your food and organic wastes in airtight containers as ants are mostly attracted in it.
  • Clean up the kitchen surfaces and empty the trash daily.
  • Clean up all the food spills as soon as possible to keep the ants away or else its smell will call the ants very soon.
  • Refrigerate the ripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep your pet bowl clean and wipe up the food spills as soon as possible if there’s any.
  • Check the kitchen washing appliances carefully if there is any leak or not. If there is, then fix the leaks right away.
  • Spread some Tanglefoot pest barrier where pipes and electrical wires enter your house.

Natural ways to get rid of ants

You can use some home remedies in order to get rid of the ants which are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Here are some natural steps you can take at your home to keep the ants away.

natural wood ash to force the ants to relocate

1. Fire pit Ashes

If you have a wood fireplace in your home, then it is a green flag for you to force the ants to relocate their colony. If you find an anthill around your home then spray some wood ash in it. Ants hate natural wood ash, because first of all they can’t move over the ashes which interrupts their pheromone trail. Also, the powdery texture of natural wood ash is like a poison gas which makes them suffers from suffocation while inhale it.

2. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth(DE) is a chalk-like powder made from diatoms, which is mainly a single celled algae with a cell wall made of silica. If you identify your home invaded by ants, then find the ants order trail and sprinkle some of the DE powder over it. It will break the order of the ants. Draw a line around your house with DE powder if the anthill is in your garden or your lawn. Also you can sprinkle the powder in the anthill to force the ants to relocate their colony.

3. Pepper

Pepper is an important ingredient used for daily cuisine. You can also use this pepper to prevent the ants from invading in your home. Pepper doesn’t kill the ants but its unbearable for them. If you draw some line with the pepper powder in the entrance of their access point to your home such as behind the kitchen appliances and baseboards then it will keep the ants away from your indoors. Sprinkle some powder if you identify any anthill in your lawn or garden. You can use cinnamon or cayenne or black pepper to prevent the ants

4. Boric acid

Boric acid powder is naturally proven insecticide which functions to kill cockroaches, fleas, ants, bugs and more. It is like poison to insects but its non-toxic for the humans. So, to prevent the ants to invade your house, sprinkle the powder around kitchen appliances, refrigerators, stoves, sinks and dishwashers.

5. Borax

Borax and Boric acid are different formulations of Boron. Both kills the ants when they ingest it. Borax is mineral compound of boron which is collected straight from ground that is toxic to both human and animals and insects. In animals and insects, after ingestion it damages the digestive system which lead them to death. So, if you are facing ant issues in your home, then you can make a mixture compound with baking soda and borax with honey and water. After mixing it perfectly, spray it where you find ants and ants territory in home and home lawn.

6. Orange or lemon peels

After cutting an orange or a lemon you usually throw away its peel. But you will be shocked to learn that this peel can solve some of your ant issue in your home. Lemons and orange are the citrus fruit that contain an ingredient called d-limonene which is poisonous to ants. In spite of tossing away the peels, use it to place where the ant infestation is. It will block their trail and scent of the food source and break the lead and prevent them from coming back to the source.

7. Chalk line

The most common and easy way to prevent ants is to draw a chalk line around food shelf around the entrance from where the ants can invade into your house. The chalk contains calcium carbonate which breaks the original pheromone trail and confuse them and make them lost. This method will confuse the ants only, but if you draw the line on the first place of the entrance then it can be a prevention. But you also have to be neat and clean and careful about the causes.

What to do if these methods doesn’t work?

The methods mentioned above are first step prevention. If you still see ants in your home after all the mentioned step then what you need to do is call the pest controller and examine the house. They know where do ants can build their colony. They will surely relocate the colony from your home. But before calling the pest controller you must take the prevention steps.

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